what can you use instead of sewing machine oil – substitute
how to make a machine oil substitute | hunker

How to Make a Machine Oil Substitute | Hunker

How to Make a Machine Oil Substitute. If it's after store hours and you suddenly need machine oil for your sewing machine only to find out that there is none in the house, you don't need to worry. You can make a good machine oil substitu

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what can i use to replace my clipper oil?

What can I use to replace my clipper oil?

What can I use to replace my clipper oil? “Clipper oil” is usually just refined mineral oil and this used for the reason that it’s essentially inert when applied topically to the skin, therefore considered “safe” for use on such things as

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hair clipper oil alternatives: all more you need to know

Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives: All More You Need to Know

After you determine the suitable lubricating oil alternatives for your hair clipper, you can relax! They are not different from real oil used for the clippers. According to the guidelines you see in every hair clipper manual, you should add a

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oils to use, and don’t use to maintain a vintage sewing machine – restored vintage fine quality sewing machines

Oils to Use, and Don’t Use to Maintain a Vintage Sewing Machine – Restored Vintage Fine Quality Sewing Machines

Tri-Flow oil will not melt at any temperature. You can’t go wrong using Singer brand motor grease. I’m not endorsing one brand of oil or grease, I’m just telling you what I use. Just be sure that any product you use to lubricate your sewing mach

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substitute honing oil | bladeforums

Substitute honing oil | BladeForums

Short of buying another can/bottle, is there a satisfactory substitute for the honing oil that is supplied with most systems using conventional stones. I supposed light machine oil would work, but looks as if it may tend to gum the pores up.

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what kind of oil is safe to use for a sewing machine? | hunker

What Kind of Oil Is Safe to Use for a Sewing Machine? | Hunker

You shouldn't use cooking oil or automotive oil in your machine, since doing so may clog the gears and damage any fabric used in the machine. Also, 3-in-1 oil is not suitable for sewing machines, according to Threads magazine.

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the 5 best sewing machine oil of 2024 – (recommended)

The 5 Best Sewing Machine Oil of 2024 – (Recommended)

Your sewing machine guide will probably suggest the perfect oil that you can use to maintain its condition. Using oil that won’t suit your machine will cause irreversible damage. Sewing machines are a significant investment, and the

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5 sewing substitutes: what can i use instead of interfacing?

5 Sewing Substitutes: What Can I Use Instead of Interfacing?

But when you run out, you may be hard pressed to get your sewing project done, especially if you live far from a fabric store. All is not lost as you can use substitute fabrics to get your sewing project looking better than ever.

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what can be used for shredder lubricant? | hunker

What Can Be Used for Shredder Lubricant? | Hunker

Some manufacturers allow the use of vegetable oil, but make sure you first read the owner's manual, because using the wrong oil will void warranties. Sewing machine oil is a dust-repelling, lightweight oil that some users recommend. Running

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spool cap substitute: diy replacement and helpful guide

Spool Cap Substitute: DIY Replacement and Helpful Guide

Then you can go to the department store where you purchased your Singer sewing machine and see what parts they have available. Singer approved repair shops should also carry some spare parts you can pick up when you are out picking up the kids.

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chainsaw chain oil substitute: comprehensive guide

Chainsaw Chain Oil Substitute: Comprehensive guide

Chainsaws are different and they all use different chain oil and bar oil. Manufacturers give recommendations on what oil to use and the different alternatives. When a recommended oil is not available in your current location, the best solution

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what can i use instead of fabric softener? (6 safe options)

What Can I Use Instead of Fabric Softener? (6 Safe Options)

How you use it is up to you and the amount of laundry you do in each load. Also, baking soda costs only about 11/2 cents to 3 cents per load whereas fabric softener can run you between 4 cents and 11 cents per load.

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oil substitutes in baking | bob's red mill

Oil Substitutes in Baking | Bob's Red Mill

In fact, that is entirely false--there are plenty of wonderful substitutes you can use in place of oil, and it depends on what you need your substitute to do. The good part is, we have brought together information on all of our favorite oil subs

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5 substitutes: what can i use instead of fabric stabilizer?

5 Substitutes: What Can I Use Instead of Fabric Stabilizer?

Finally, you can use wax paper as a good replacement for tear-away stabilizers. But be forewarned. Replacements for tear-away stabilizers tend to mess up your sewing or embroidery machine. You need to be careful about which alternative you use.

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bar and chain oil substitutes | march. 2024

Bar and Chain Oil Substitutes | March. 2024

If you are using vegetable oil or canola oil as a substitute to lubricate your saw’s bar and chain, be sure to check the amount of oil that on the saw before you use it. These oils have a tendency to leak, and therefore they can run off your saw

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what are some hair clipper oil alternatives?

What are some hair clipper oil alternatives?

I hear you. That little vial that comes with your clippers doesn't last you very long. Your best bet is to buy larger bottles of Hair Clipper oils. Wahl sells these on amazon for around $6 but if you're looking for quick alternatives

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she's a sewing machine mechanic: the wrong oil

She's A Sewing Machine Mechanic: The Wrong Oil

So, what kind of oil should you use? Only "sewing machine oil." That doesn't include 3-in-1 oil, engine oil, olive oil, or FAX machine oil. And, as you can see, it doesn't include WD-40. We only use WD-40 to REMOVE the old oil.

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juki sewing machine oil, do i need it? sewing discussion topic @ patternreview

Juki sewing machine oil, do I need it? sewing discussion topic @ PatternReview

It's a clear mineral oil, fairly low viscosity, no detergents, used for industrial sewing machines. I just called a local sewing machine shop, and the mechanic here says he'd just use the standard wax-free sewing machine oil, 5 wt, sold

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baby oil vs sewing machine oil...the test!

Baby Oil vs Sewing Machine Oil...the Test!

Is it okay to use baby oil to oil your sewing machine?....huummm...lets see if it stands up to sewing machine oil. I hope this video helps you to determine

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trumpet valve oil household substitute (will 3-in-1 household oil work)? - google groups

Trumpet valve oil household substitute (will 3-in-1 household oil work)? - Google Groups

Valve oil and valve grease are the best to use and there is no good substitute. The closest would be clipper oil or sewing machine oil but it will have to be wiped clean and replaced with valve oil to get everything back to "FAST."

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trumpet valve oil substitute? | yahoo answers

Trumpet valve oil substitute? | Yahoo Answers

Kerosene (lamp oil) mixed with a few drops of cheap perfume works--you can adjust the viscosity with a light lubricant like sewing machine oil (heavier) or Methyl or Wood alcohol (lighter). I had a friend who made his own; but honestly it was

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how to oil sewing machines at home? a step by step guide

How to Oil Sewing Machines at Home? A Step by Step Guide

In this article, we’ll explore all you need to know about oil for sewing machines, sewing machine oil alternatives and most importantly, how to oil a sewing machine at home. We’ll also provide some general tips on ingredients you can use, machin

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sewing machine oil? can i use wd40? | yahoo answers

sewing machine oil? can I use wd40? | Yahoo Answers

I have no sewing machine oil, and no time to go to a store before I need to finish a sewing project. I do have wd40 (left by the previous owners of the house). Will this work? Will this damage my machine. The sewing machine is an older model,

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homemade trumpet valve oil | our pastimes

Homemade Trumpet Valve Oil | Our Pastimes

Valve oil is essential for the proper functioning of a trumpet and is used to lubricate the inner workings of the pistons that move when the trumpet's keys are pressed. While valve oil is sold at any instrumental music store, it comes in

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lubrication - what happens if i use vegetable oil instead of machine oil or grease? - improvement stack exchange

lubrication - What happens if I use vegetable oil instead of machine oil or grease? - Improvement Stack Exchange

Food oil is lightweight, goes rancid, and breaks down quickly. The only food-safe oil I can think of that won't rot is mineral oil like what you should use in a cutting board. – Peter DeWeese Jun 23 '11 at 2:12

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what can you use instead of stabilizer?

What can you use instead of Stabilizer?

What can you use in stead of stabilizer. coffee filters...check it out:)

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what kind of oil can be used for glass cutting tools – uniproductsco

What Kind Of Oil Can Be Used For Glass Cutting Tools – UniProductsCo

Light Machine Oil Any type of lightweight machine oil can be used for glass cutting. It will provide proper lubrication and usually can be purchased for a reasonable price. The major downside, however, to using light machine oil is that it can s

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does sewing machine oil freeze? (all you need to know!)

Does Sewing Machine Oil Freeze? (All You Need to Know!)

Sewing machines are a handy tool for those who love to sew. Be it professional or, for a hobby, these machines help us in many ways. People use oils to lubricate sewing machines. Oil for the lubrication of these machines keeps them functional

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