Dabur retains its usual clientele- impervious to Patanjali’s fame

Dabur retains its usual clientele- impervious to Patanjali’s fame

With many FMCG top leaders combating amongst them to entice more and more consumers, Dabur still sticks on the same place where it has been since ages. Despite the big companies like Patanjali, Tata, etc., making continuous efforts to creep in with less costly products, Dabur vouching for its quality remains unbaffled. In fact, Dabur appreciates the way these companies are spreading health awareness among the populace.

Since Patanjali’s revenues touched 5,000 crore, following the restriction on the marketing of Maggi that had been the most wanted food product from past many years, there was uproar among the whole FMCG sector. Plus, the estimation that Patanjali will be crossing over 20 thousand crore by the 2020 end, has bewildered many top players except Dabur.

Rajeev John, Dabur’s GM (Marketing), firmly claims that there can be no competition between them and Patanjali. However, as per him, Patanjali is doing fine in personal care and food sector but the wide categories of goods that Dabur has grasp its hold on cannot be ever mimicked and acquired by any other FMCG companies or Baba Ramdev.

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