Celebrity Trends That Are Impossible In Real Life


Celebrities are known for pulling off a ton of things the we cannot which is probably why they command more attention than us. Things they do also end up becoming trends and fads that millions follow, but are we really!!!

Here our team is analyzing a few celebrity trends  that we should definitely not follow in our daily life :

  •  Latex dresses

If we’re being real, latex dresses are a complete joke. It is impossible to randomly decide to throw on a latex dress and head out on any given day.

Model wearing Latex dress
Latex dress, image from

Pulling off a latex dress requires impeccable planning. You have to factor in the weather, where you’re headed, supplies and mostly importantly, the crew. The crew that’s gonna get you in this dress because sure as hell, you can’t do it alone. You’ll also need a ton of Vaseline to lubricate yourself into that dress and baby powder to smooth it out and make sure you don’t look like a sausage squeezed into some cling wrap. You better pray for favorable weather too because if it’s hot outside, you’ll be melting outta that dress once you get home.



Model with 6 inch heels
Model with 6 inch heels, image from

Celebs are famed for setting the expectation that it’s possible to teeter around in 6 inch heels all day everyday while you go about your daily tasks.  Shopping at the supermarket and taking your kids out for ice cream calls for flats and sports shoes not heels that can potentially break your ankle and neck. Celebs may have paps around them 24/7 but we don’t and we should be thankful.

So remember, not every trend a celebrity starts is one worth following. There’s a certain charm in being outstanding.

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