Analysing the online,offline and shoping in malls

In shopping, customer is the king. Thanks to the tech boom in India, this coupled with mall culture in the cities,  the options in front of a customer is  not less than a king. Here we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of shopping.


Shopping of clothing, apparel, and accessories can be done in many ways like stand alone stores, in malls or online.


When you take the case of Stand alone stores, the advantage is better service and the human touch. While taking a buying decision we all agree that we are not masters of decision making. Here the sales man helps you to take the decision and he would vouch for the quality of the product. Most of the time we wont go back questioning his suggestion.  In stand alone mall you can feel the quality of the products. The disadvantage is that most of the stores will have only few brands. If your are brand savvy then you will have to roam in different shops to get the desired one. Also some stand alone stores have flexible return policy, if you didn’t like the product, it will be easy to return if the sales person is known to you.


As malls are considered, all the products can be obtained under one roof. Another interesting thing by shopping in a mall is we can stop and watch for a movie, eat and catch up with friends. Inconvenience caused by excessive crowding on weekends and holidays is the disadvantage of mall shopping . Temptation to browse is always there in human beings, which ends up in purchasing that are not needed. Malls have specific time for exchange or return of products which is a little bit difficult for customers.


Online shopping is just not convenient but we get a chance to browse through different products before picking one and also the main advantage is to get it delivered to your doorstep. Also we can get suggestions for the accessories and hair style in some websites. shoppers also find cheaper deals online than in stores. Most of the online websites give the reviews which actually help the customer to decide whether to buy the product or not. The returning policy is also better, either we can return and earn cash points or exchange the product.The only risk in online shopping is to trust the photo. Shipping charges are another disadvantage of online shopping as it negates any savings on the cost of the product.

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